Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)
Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive)

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Reaper roller mounted zhvn-6 PPV (planetary knife drive) type Summerpalace of blackasian of ukladki stems of grain crops Walki Pirandello way of harvesting. Can be used as procanico. Is ncombine"Niva","Yenisei","Yenisei-1200","Sibiryak". The presence growing inside of hinged window platform, bespredelnoe swift grabline a high tensile strength, guarantees a high process reliability and the quality of the formation of the roll.

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Reaper provides:
— swath of good quality an optimal power;
— high productivity nabrasyvanie inputbar;
— facilitate the labor of the operator



The value

Ed. izm.




Working speed

to 12


Transport speed






Cutting height



Platform width

1070 1250...


Width of hinged window

1010 1250...


Number of double strokes of a knife



The frequency of rotation of the reel

24 of 64...





Drive type

MPN potipu Schumacher


Swift -five, odnokashnikov, protivolakoznoe with metallic rollers, which ensure the durability of the tilt mechanism of the blades.

Reel drive-chain, using a safety clutch, cooperitive uninterrupted operation of the node nosredna and the highest grain yield. Increased service life of CVT, the expense of new construction applications podshipnikov shaft bearings.

Reducer—conical, small, otlichie ambercrest belt drives that increase the number of lubrication points usagnet maintenance of kinematic transmission, ensures reliable operation of the working bodies of the harvester.

Platform—metal construction, made svyatootecheskogo profile, the width of which allows you to place six ribbons conveyor, sticklet the loss of spike zagadkoy priborki tall crops. Improved maintainability of the shaft of the conveyor through a connection egoreactor through chain coupling.

Wind shield—a metal made svyatootecheskogo profile tapazole to increase the rigidity of the header.

Beam knife—shaped seamless pipe seamless 60x40x4 Ugolok 50*50*5 ensure the straightness of the front beam horizontalni vertikalnoe plane.

Clamp the blade is adjustable, allowing easy iswidely precision to withstand the gap between the segment protivorechii plate required placacentro slice cultures.

Hydraulics—high-pressure hoses, which allows to increase the reliability and the pay back term of service of hydraulics, as well as to simplify the maintenance of highways.

Works agregate:kombinasi"Niva","Yenisei"(manufactured after 2003),"Sibiryak".
Zhvn-6V-01, zhvn-6V-04 — modification zhvn-6V"Queen" is fully prepared clearbody samohodnye chassis mowers of plumular KPS-5G, E-301, E-302, E-303, E-304.

Harvester aggregated by kombinati"Niva-Effect","Yenisei-1200","Yenisei-950/954" manufactured after 2003 by the introduction of inclined korpusas-6V-15.000

The product is certified

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Advantages of diesel engines - reliability, low price of diesel fuel, low fuel consumption.

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